What Is The Most Proper Time Of The Day To Drink Water?

We all know that the human body is 70% water. So, it seems like it doesn’t need any more water, right? But we all know that this is not the case. In fact, water is so important for the body that it is imperative that we keep it absolutely hydrated at all times to make sure that the bodily functions do not get affected. And here’s the worst thing – it is really, really easy for the body to get dehydrated, and we don’t even realize at times when this occurs!

Have you ever woken up in the middle of the night with a dry throat? It means that you are dehydrated. What about cracked lips and cramped muscles? They are also an indication of dehydration. You do not necessarily need to have exhausted yourself physically to be dehydrated. Sometimes, it is also the food that we eat that dehydrates us a lot. In India, especially, we add a lot of salt to our food, which makes it very easy for our bodies to get dehydrated. So, it is all the more imperative for us to be extra cautious about sipping water all the time.

But easier said than done, right? And especially if one is travelling, it is another story altogether, thanks to a lack of sanitary public toilets on highways. Especially if you’re a woman travelling on Indian roads and someone who drinks a lot of water, the struggle is real. Too real, in fact. However, we have to find ways to work around this because keeping your body hydrated and healthy is also equally important.

So, how do we do this? Is there a formula, or some sort of technique that we can follow to make sure we stay hydrated? Sadly, there is no such thing, apart from your own body and the signs that it gives you.

But there is, however, one thing that can help you make sure that you are not only giving your body enough water, but also drinking it at the ideal time, which will make it even more beneficial for your body – and it’s the list below! The following list will tell you all the best times to drink water through the day! Now, adhering to the times won’t be easy in the beginning because it is like starting a new habit. But, trust us, once you stick to it, you will see a vast difference in the way you feel about your body.

So, here it goes!

1. As Soon As You Wake Up

Yes. Drink some water as soon as you wake up, even before you brush your teeth. This might sound gross to some, but your body will thank you for this. Since you have spent the past eight hours or so sleeping, you have obviously not been able to drink any liquid. Doing this as soon as you wake up will work wonders in rehydrating your body after this long break.

If you find this difficult to remember, just add a reminder along with your alarm. This will help you in ensuring that the first thing you do in the morning is hydrate your body. Oh, and bonus? It even helps with ensuring easy bowel movements.

2. Between Meals

It is a very good habit to drink water between meals. That way, you also don’t mistake thirst for hunger, and instead of snacking on unhealthy things, drink water instead. The best way to remember to do this is to drink water as soon as you reach office. This gives a nice break after breakfast and also makes up for the dehydration that may have happened while you travelled. In case you are someone who likes to have breakfast in office, you can probably have a Post-it stuck to your desk that says, “Drink water!”

3. Before/ During Lunch

Don’t worry about the water messing with your digestion – that is just a myth! If anything, water helps with digestion. So, go ‘cray cray’ with the water-drinking during lunchtime. Not only does it help in keeping you from overeating, it also keeps your body absolutely hydrated.

4. After Lunch

Remember that time of the afternoon when you just need to have a cup of chai or coffee because you’re just too sleepy? Before you get yourself that cup, just drink a glass of water as well. Many a times, our brain misinterprets thirst as hunger. Drinking water will help ensure that you do not unnecessarily put food in your body when it is actually asking you for water.

5. During Dinner

Just like we have asked you to drink water along with your meal, we suggest that you do it with dinner as well. Many of us have this habit of drinking cola instead of water. Don’t do that as cola is usually empty calories. Water, on the other hand, is super beneficial. So, drink up!

Source: http://healthybeautiful.info