What Happens When You Put A Clove Of Garlic In Your Ears Before Going To Bed

With people sitting in front of their computer screens for a longer period of time, they have become more susceptible to health issues, and with the increase in the intake of fast food, they constantly complain of health issues. However, popping pills isn’t always a solution, as the side-effects of it are detrimental.

What if someone told you that garlic helps in a lot of your problems? Sounds weird, doesn’t it? But it’s true. Putting a clove of garlic in your ears overnight helps in curing a lot of problems.

An age-old technique, garlic has been used by people, mostly in countries such as India, to help get relief from a host of problems. Garlic is used in a lot of forms, such as the juice, crushed, grinded, or raw, but one of the things that many people do not know of is that garlic helps a great deal in its raw form. Simply putting a clove of garlic helps in a lot more ways than just one.

Read on to know the benefits of putting garlic in your ears at night!


An earache is one of the most unpleasant feelings. Garlic, however, has anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties that help in treating bacterial infections that are the main cause of earaches. In order to cure an earache, simply take a clove of garlic, and crush it into smaller pieces. Taking that, put a cloth over it and place that in the outer corner of the ear.

The next morning, you will feel that your ear-ache is over, and you’re back to being normal.


A great remedy for headaches and migraine, garlic contains properties that help in curing a headache, or even migraines, which a lot of medicines, too, cannot achieve.

Simply take garlic, chop the cloves (not too finely), and place them in your ears. Post that, you may either sit, or sleep, but it is recommended that you must sleep for a while for better results. Once you wake up, you will doubt if you ever had a headache. That’s how effective garlic can be!


Are you having fever, and are unable to go to the doctors? Well, don’t worry! Simply check if you have cloves of garlic in your fridge, and you’ve got the best remedy!

Garlic helps in lowering the body temperature, and is ideal during fever, especially for children. So in case of fever, simply take a clove of garlic and dip it into apple cider vinegar. Place that on the legs and in the ears of the person, and you will notice how quickly the fever disappears.


Again, it helps in combating common cold and sickness simply because of its properties that fight against the bad bacteria. By placing a clove of garlic in your ears, it fights off the infections that lead to the build-up of cold, or sinus.

Therefore, in order to use it, simply place a clove of garlic in your ears, and keep it overnight. The next morning your cold will definitely be better than how it was the night before.


If you are suffering from a problem of blood pressure, then garlic is a great remedy for you.

Since ages, garlic has been used in order to combat the effects of blood pressure. Its properties help soothe down the nerves, thereby lowering down the bp. You may either place a clove in your ears, or you may use it in the form of paste or powder. However, using the clove of garlic in its usual way is the best way to balance out you BP.


If you are a person who suffers from insomnia, or simply cannot get sleep due to some reason, then forget popping pills to aid your sleep. Just pick up a clove of garlic, and put it in your ears.

Way before researchers could come up with benefits of garlic, it was a common practice in India to put a clove of garlic either in the ears, or under the pillow before going to bed. The reason was simple- it helped in getting a sound sleep due to the properties that help calm the mind down,.


At times, due to work pressure or other reasons, we often feel stressed out. With the increase in the amount of work, and maintaining a work-life balance, the levels of stress have increased to another level altogether. However, in such cases, one must keep a clove of garlic in their ears, or put a few drops of garlic juice in their ears. This will help soothe down the nerves, calming down your senses, and helping you feel relaxed and rejuvenated.


With age, people lose out on their hearing powers. Although, in present times, we have hearing aids that not only help people in old age, but also helps those who are born with hearing problems, but in the olden times, with age, when people would start losing out on their hearing power, people would start putting garlic in their ears during bedtime, or would pour 4 to 5 drops of garlic juice in their ears. Due to its healing properties, it helps fight the infections and bacteria that cause the problem of hearing in the first place.


As mentioned earlier, garlic does help in fighting infections. However, it also helps in fighting off fungal infections that prove to be a huge problem for the person, and if not taken care of on time, one may even lose their hearing power.

Therefore, in order to control the infections, especially fungal infections c that occur during rains, one must put a clove of garlic in their ears and keep it overnight; as the juice in the garlic would fight off the bacteria, clearly wiping it out and keeping your ears clean and infection-free.

Thus, these were some of the many benefits that garlic has, if you put it in your ears overnight. Just imagine how pocket-friendly this solution is! All you have to do is just have a couple of garlic cloves handy, and most of your problems are solved!

Although one must know how to put a clove in your ears. It is not supposed to be put in the inside of your ears, as it may go inside the system and cause you more harm than good, and it may lead to a lot of complications later. One must take a close and put it in the gap of the ears, better known as the ear canal.

You may wish to cover it with a tissue before putting it directly, as putting it directly would lead to the strong stench of garlic lingering on in your ears, which would be something that’s not too pleasant, especially if you’re going to work!However, before using it, check if you have any kind of allergies due to it.

Also, take a small patch test by rubbing a bit of the juice on your arm, just to check if there is any kind of irritation, burning sensation, or rashes. If you see any of these symptoms, stop immediately. Along with that, consult your doctor/dermatologist before trying any of these things. Although these remedies are based on natural products, and have been used since ages, it is always advisable to check with someone before going ahead with something.

Apart from all of that, take care of yourself- do not take too much stress, and take proper care of your diet and nutrition. You must incorporate exercise in your daily routine, and must have a proper intake of diet that would help in keeping a lot of problems and ailments at bay.

Having said that, garlic, on the whole, is great for you! It helps in curing a lot of ailments and is an overall great thing for the body, not just on the outside, but also on the inside.

Source: http://magicofhealth365.com