Traditional Medicine’s Face Map Reveals What Part Of Your Body Is Sick

According to Chinese medicine, the face reveals a lot about your health. As a matter of fact, it is the ultimate indicator of any condition affecting your internal organs. With this being said, it is no wonder that people have used face mapping for such a long time now.

The skin on the face is quite sensitive, so it reacts to internal issues or potential health changes.  Hence, each part of the fact could be associated with a specific organ.

Any pimples, rashes, or color changes could signify an imbalance in that organ. Here is what you need to know about face mapping!

1. Nose Problems – Heart

Flatulence, hypertension, pollution, bloating, and poor circulation are the most common causes of nose problems. If you experience any of these, treat them by staying physically active,  detoxifying the body, and drinking green tea on a regular basis.

2. Forehead – Small Intestine and Bladder

Excessive intake of alcohol, sugar, fatty foods, canned foods and sugar is the most common cause of forehead problems. Hence, it is recommended to stay hydrated, eat a well-balanced diet, and get enough sleep.

3. Chin and Mouth – Hormones

A hormonal imbalance is often caused by dehydration.  Also, consuming too much caffeine, salt, and too much-seasoned food can provide the same effect.  It is recommended to avoid these culprits until the pain subsides.

4. Problems Between the Eyebrows – Liver

The liver is unable to function properly if the stomach is overburdened.  Hence, you should eat healthier and try to boost the digestive system.  Any physical activity is a good and effective way to improve digestion, whether it is dancing, walking, practicing yoga, or swimming.

5. Eyebrow Arch – Kidneys

Excessive alcohol intake, poor blood circulation, weak heart muscles, and smoking are the common causes of these problems.  Therefore, avoid the aforementioned culprits and drink plenty of water.

6. Neck and Jaw – Stomach

Stomach problems can stem from various things, such as stressful situations, eating too many spicy foods, and not getting enough sleep.  Therefore, it is recommended to follow a healthy lifestyle, involving eating healthy food and avoiding stressful situations.

7. Cheeks – Kidneys and Lungs

Smoking, stress, too much sugar, and unhealthy diet in general is the major cause of this problem.  It is recommended to keep the body hydrated and eat a healthy and well-balanced diet.

8. Lower Cheeks – Lungs

Last but not least, the most common cause of lung problems include smoking and pollution. Quitting smoking, avoiding places where others smoke a lot, and spending time in less polluted areas is the key to restoring your lung health.

Bottom line is that you need to look very carefully at where you are breaking at, as the location of acne presents important clues about the underlying condition, face mapping suggests.