Throwing Your Legs Up a Wall Every Day

There is a benefit if you rest on your back and you throw your legs high above you. This position of resting can bring you positive outcome, although we don’t know how exactly this position affects our health. Here are 5 benefits that you’ll get from doing this mini exercise to your body:

1. This position came up from India. They put their legs up the wall so the back can be on the ground and rest. This helps your core to rest, the spinal is attached on the floor, so you’re basically positioned at 90o and your back is completely straight.

2. Also this position helps with the overall circulation and blood flow in your body. This will also help to strengthen your legs too.

3. This position helps you to relax. Putting your feet up against the wall and take deep breaths will help you balance yourself and tune yourself up. This positions suits good for meditation too because the blood will circulate better in your body and you’ll feel relaxed.

4. It will help you with doing better workouts and your workout stress is solved far well than before. Because as said it’s good for relaxation to your body and mind, your body gets the extra relax boost and you’ll do your workouts more effectively and without much pain. It will also recover you from the pain after workouts.

5. This position will help your neck to release the tension. This position can even substitute a massage. So we suggest you try this out!