Things Men Secretly Pay Attention To In Women

We often consider men to be oblivious to details and they only focus on the bigger picture. However, men tend to notice small details in women that women are not even aware men can see. If you are a woman, pay attention to the following things because it can be quite useful to know what men can notice in you.

1. Facial expression

Men can easily notice how women feel despite the common opinion. Everyone has the ability to tell the difference between hostile and friendly people. But men can see even more than this. They can notice whether a woman is cool or upset just by looking at her eyes or the way she moves her lips.

2. The color of her clothes

People tend to wear clothes in color that expresses their mood. When a woman wears certain clothes her partner is likely to figure out how she feels. Men have great intuitive skills when it comes to classifying people according to the color they wear most of the time.

3. Her bathroom singing

Most people tend to relax a lot when they are bathing because they are alone can release their inhibitions. Also, while we are relaxed our brains release dopamine, which is a hormone that makes us feel happy. It is no surprise why we often sing when in the shower even if we had a bad day. Men know that paying attention to this habit is useful to figure out how their partner feels even though she does not want to share her emotions.

4. Her text messages

Not everyone is brave enough to express their true feelings. We often show subtle signs or use text messages just to avoid confrontation. Men know that women show their emotions easily during text so they always pay attention to the details in order to figure out what is happening. Linguists have also shown that our vocabulary can reveal our personality and it is much easier to notice through reading text messages.

5. The drinks she orders

Besides the color of the clothes people choose, their choices of meals and drinks are also a good indicator of their behavior. Some women, for example, like drinking wine or eating pasta when they feel anxious. Men pay attention to what women eat or drink during different occasions. They can figure out how women feel just by observing their actions even if they don’t say a single word. Men also easily notice if women like drinking alcohol occasionally for fun or whether they have a drinking problem.

6. What she wears to impress

Men don’t usually judge a woman’s fashion choices, but they pay attention to good taste and elegancy. Also, they can figure out how women perceive them just by looking at their outfit. Women who are romantically interested usually put her best foot forward. If she wears loose and comfortable clothes, she is hanging out with a friend.

7. What she eats

Lots of women order light meals such as a salad because they don’t want their date to think they are overeating. However, men consider such women under-confident because it would be much better if she orders something she really likes to eat. As long as she is happy about her meal choice and is not picking over her food, a man will consider her mature and confident.