Signs You Worry Too Much about What Others Think

Feeling the desire to be respected and liked is in human nature and it is perfectly normal. But, if you are too preoccupied about other people’s opinion about you, it may reflect on your decision making as well as your general happiness. So, pleasing everyone and listening to everyone’s opinion is not helpful at all. Always remember that you are the person responsible for your choices and happiness, so only listen to and follow your opinion.

1. Focusing too much on how others treat you

This is a sign of insecurity. Everyone you know has an opinion about you, but this does not necessarily reflect your quality or worth. There will always be people who dislike you, for one reason or another, but it doesn’t mean you should worry too much about it. You are the only person who should define yourself, so it is up to the world to decide whether they want to take you or leave you.

2. Trying to please everyone

Being too worried about other people’s opinion on you might cause you to spend too much time trying to please everyone, which means you actually value their opinion more than you value your own. Seeking opinions is one thing, but never allow them to compromise your true self.

3. Putting their needs in front of yours

Trying to please everyone gives you little time to spend on yourself. You need to prioritize your own desires and needs in order to avoid emotionally telling yourself you are worth less than everyone else.

4. Having difficulty asking for help

Asking for help is sometimes seen as a sign of weakness, and you might be having trouble doing so in order to avoid looking desperate. But, in fact it is a sign of security and comfort about who we are, so never hesitate to seek help.

5. Not feeding your soul with activities that light you up

This is also a sign that you are too worried about others’ opinions. However, your hobbies are the thing that keep your mind working and motivated to do better and achieve more. Never feel guilty for doing the things that make you happy and passionate.

6. Not expressing how you feel

Imagine you are talking to a group of people and they all love the latest thing, for example chia pudding. So, even though it makes you puke, you actually tell them you love it too, just to avoid being left out. This behavior is anything but healthy. Never pretend to be someone you are not just to be accepted by others.

7. Altering your look or personality when you are in a crowd

Changing the way you look or behave when you are around people is another sign you pay too much attention to what people think about you. Be careful not to lose yourself in the process.

8. Telling white lies to fit in

If you tell white lies just to fit in when you don’t feel your ideas or opinions are respected, you are trying to avoid dealing with other people’s comments because you are too worried about being accepted. But, you are an adult after all, so never change anything about yourself just to fit in.

9. Being afraid of what will happen if you say no

This is another clear sign you give too much thought to what other think about you. However, try to take the emotion out of your “NO” and only do the things you like doing.

10. Stressing about how others would react

If you also change what you say and do just because you are afraid of looking weak or offensive, you are not doing yourself any favor. Relax, be yourself and never waste your time or energy trying to please everyone. After all, people will talk and everyone has the right to do so. You can’t change the way people think about you, so why worry too much about it.

11. Feeling guilty when things go wrong

Being preoccupied with what others think can also cause you to feel guilty when something goes wrong even if that does not have anything to do with you. However, you should only take responsibility for your own actions.

12. Doing things you dislike just to avoid ridicule or disapproval

If you are trapped in a marriage, relationship, job or even friendship that you are not happy with, you might be trying too hard to live up to the expectations of other people. But, this is your life and you are the only person who knows what makes you happy. Get rid of all the things that make you feel miserable, and take full responsibility of your own happiness and wellbeing.