Inside Denver Christmas pop-up bar Miracle at Avanti — The Know

Yippie Ki Yay drink made with sweet potato, Barbados Rum, cachaca, Trinidad, overproof rum, dry curacao, marshmallow orgeat and lime at Miracle at Avanti Wolf Bar, a Christmas-themed pop up bar at Avanti Food and Beverage Nov. 21, 2018. (Andy Cross, The Denver Post)

It’s a miracle on Pecos Street.

The Christmas pop-up bar that first hit Denver last year in the form of Miracle on Little Raven is officially open for business at Avanti Food & Beverage.

So, is the sequel better than the original? You be the judge.

The Avanti crew estimates they put in 250-300 hours prepping and decorating the back bar space, transforming it into a modern, hipster, Christmassy wonderland.

Last year’s Christmas bar inspired holiday die-hards to wait hours for drinks like the Gingerbread Flip and Jingle Ball Nog, but Avanti is hoping to make the process a little easier this year. The popular food hall is, after all, very used to massive volume and turnover.

New this year for Miracle at Avanti Wolf Bar is a reservation line, where you can call in and book your group ahead. Avanti general manager Dan Wyman said that they’d be filling the 94 seats via 25 percent reservations and 75 percent walk-ins.  

In the first three-and-a-half-hour period that the reservation line was open, Wyman said they had more than 300 phone calls. So, yeah, people like the Christmas bar.

You can also add yourself to the waitlist from anywhere via Yelp Waitlist and check live wait times from the cozy comfort of your own home, which probably doesn’t include an animatronic Santa and that’s why you’re going to the Christmas bar in the first place.

Here’s what you’ll find at Denver’s Miracle 2.0:

Miracle at Avanti Wolf Bar, a Christmas-themed pop up bar at Avanti Food and Beverage November 21, 2018. (Andy Cross, The Denver Post)
  • A bow-tastic selfie wall, but do you really need us to tell you that there would be a selfie wall?
  • An inflatable, animatronic Santa that we estimate will last only a few hours before someone who’s had one too many Snowball Old Fashioneds sits on his lap and turns him into sad, deflated Santa.
  • A Christmas light, ornament and snowflake strewn ceiling that really does create a magical atmosphere.
  • Holiday movies on the TV and music on the speakers, if you can hear them above your fellow Christmas bar revelers.
  • Everything else you expect from Christmas décor: garland, stars, stockings, trees, bells, presents, snow globes and wreaths.

Miracle at Avanti Wolf Bar is open through Dec. 23. Closed Thanksgiving, Dec. 7 and Dec. 14. Hours: Mon-Thurs. 5 p.m. to closing; Sat.-Sun 3 p.m.-closing. Reservations taken at 720-269-4778.