If Your Girl Does These 14 Things, Then She’s The Best Girl For You

1. She believes in your potential to do great things

If she is the type of girl who would never pity you and would never undermine you then she is undoubtedly the best girl for you. She would always encourage you to go beyond your own limits.

2. She supports you with whatever you have to do

She is very supportive in nature and she gives you the space you need and acknowledges your own goals and would never do anything to hamper those goals. The best girl will help you in achieving them even if t means putting your needs before hers.

3. She constantly makes it a point to check up on you

She understands that you are a grown-up man and that you can take of yourself, but she would still check up on you continually as she worries about you and she does this to show to you that her feelings are not only restricted to words.

4. She pays attention to whatever it is that you have to say

In a good relationship, communication is very important. She is a very good listener and pays heed to whatever you do or say. She does this as she wants to know you more and to fill in the voids in the relationship with small tokens of happiness.

5. She shows up whenever you need her

Every girl becomes a friend first and then a lover. The bond of friendship should never be lost. She understands that there comes a time when lover
should also act as a very good friend and be there by his side when he needs a friend.

6. She stays honest with you even when it hurts

Honesty is very important in every relationship. She would stop and correct you whenever you are doing something wrong. She has the courage to
speak up and not hide the truth from you even if it hurts you.

7. She trusts you to always be true to her

When she is truthful to you, she would expect you to be the same. She wants you to respect her the way she respects you and you should know that she is strong enough to handle the truth.

8. She has her own individual life

She understands her self-worth and doesn’t make her life about only being in a relationship. A strong independent woman that has her own career to build and focus on.

9. She gives you the freedom to your own life as well

She understands the importance of giving everyone their own spaces and she is not clingy and does not try to be in contact with you all the time as she knows that even you have your own work and career to focus on.

10. She shows you off to the world as she is proud of you

She wants her friends and families to get acquainted with you and she would happily invite to family gatherings and dinner parties as she is not ashamed of whom you are.

11. She makes an effort with people you love the most

She understands how important it is for you that your friends and family like her. On the first meeting, they might not like her but she would not give up and make an effort to get liked by the people you love the most.

12. She stays consistent with you

She stands by you no matter what and she doesn’t behave differently each morning. The right girl likes keeping her words and you can count on her in times of needs.

13. She doesn’t try to be someone else

She is very transparent and she is what she shows the world, both in and out. The perfect girl doesn’t lie about her nature just to make you happy and she wants you to love her for whom she truly is.

14. She doesn’t want you to be anyone else either

She loves you unconditionally and she doesn’t want to you change or behave like someone else. You are all she wants and will keep on loving you for who you truly are.

Source: https://mesmerizingwords.com