How Your Date Of Birth Can Dictate Your Career Path?

On the day of your birth, the talents and tools with which you were born are predicted according to the theory of numerology. Therefore, your skills and features are identified by your “day number” and can indicate the career and occupation that suits you best.

If the first day is your date of birth:

You are born leaders and love to be the center of attention, and you train great veterinarians, ministers, psychologists, artists, dentists, directors, politicians, athletes, team leaders, fashion designers, doctors, chiropractors, lawyers, writers, inventors, businessmen. , Architect, music composer, actor, performer, designer, architect, composer, teacher.

If the second day is your date of birth:

You are a type of person who is able to communicate emotionally with others and you form an excellent psychologist, coordinator, diplomat, healer, accountant, banker, radio, computer scientist, dancer, hostess, designer, secretary, artist. and technicians.

If the third day is your date of birth:

They love the spotlight and are also very creative and communicative people who are excellent writers, musicians, salesmen, communicators, broadcasters, singers, actors, speakers, composers, philosophers, architects, dancers, motivators, coaches, hairdressers, artists living room. You can also make great comics, guides and excellent writers.

If the fourth day is your date of birth:

They are hardworking people with a lot of energy and you are a great gardener, designer, builder, entrepreneur, developer, lawyer, trustee, real estate agent, computer analyst, body builder, earth sciences specialist, engineer, geologist, minister , programmer, clerk, farmer, trader, chemist, builder and mechanic.

If the fifth day is your date of birth

They have a curious mind and are good communicators, advertisers, developers, journalists, philosophers, teachers, salesmen, performers, social anthropologists, archaeologists, agents, celebrities, as well as travel agencies, social anthropologists, archaeologists, scientists, teachers, writers and historians, computer experts, public life figures, speculators, designers, detectives and some jobs that combine travel and technology.

If the sixth day is your date of birth:

They are caring and loving people who are excellent counselors, consultants, ministers, philosophers, artists, caregivers, body workers, massage therapists, naturopaths, parents, educators, health professionals, trainers, cooks, consultants, writers, counselors and nurses.

If the seventh day is your date of birth:

They love precision and require a lot of maritime professions: occultist, healer, writer, actor, comedian, chemist, analyst, detective, antiquarian, archaeologist, art, scientist, researcher, researcher, professor, consultant, minister, astrologer and analyst.

If the eighth day is your date of birth:

You are good with any business and with money and you make great entrepreneur, financial analyst, publisher, engineer, judge, banker, entrepreneur and entrepreneur.

If the ninth day is your date of birth:

You have an independent person who represents an excellent body worker, holistic health worker, composer, teacher, scientist, actor, community leader, counselor, minister, reverend, metaphysician, consultant, a spiritual advisor, a craftsman, a painter, an architect, a diplomat, a healer, a designer. Social workers.

If the tenth day is your date of birth:

They are born leaders who make up a CEO, a supervisor, a consultant, a surgeon, a quality inspector, a manager, a doctor and an outstanding leader.

If the eleventh day is your date of birth:

They understand the desires of others and train great psychologists, preachers, occultists, psychics, designers, spiritualists, media personalities, teachers, consultants, poets and inventors.

If the twelfth day is your date of birth:

They are very good intermediaries who are excellent salesmen, diplomats, intermediaries, consultants, craftsmen, project managers.

If the thirteenth day is your date of birth:

They have a charisma and leadership skills that make them great builders, mechanics, screenwriters, craftsmen, building workers, architects, designers and hobbyists.

If the fourteenth day is your date of birth

They are innovative and motivated people who are excellent travel agents, organizers, designers, Entrepreneurs, artists, personal assistants, secretaries, managers.

If the fifteenth day is your date of birth:

They are very loving and diplomatic people, and great teachers, healers, social workers, diplomats, bankers and translators.

If the sixteenth day is your date of birth:

They are a thoughtful and idealistic people, making great comics, sailing, fishing, food industry, writing, playing.

If the seventeenth day is your date of birth:

You are smart and enterprising people who are great psychiatrists, politicians, speakers, teachers, entrepreneurs, teachers, actors and consultants.

If the eighteenth day is your date of birth:

You are able to learn quickly and you are excellent students, who are excellent designers, engineers, teachers, veterinarians, nurses, medical, volunteers, planners and project managers.

If the nineteenth day is your date of birth:

They are independent and stubborn and also very empathic. You are a great entrepreneur, planner, leader, supervisor, organizer and expert in information technology.

If the twentieth day is your date of birth:

They are home grown farmers who do outstanding public relations, nurses, artists, cleaners, nurses, interior designers, social workers and social workers.

If the twenty-first day is your date of birth:

They are very speculative and organized people who are excellent facilitators, editors, agents, writers, organizers, supervisors, bankers, financial advisers, secretaries, personal assistants, negotiators.

If the twenty-second day is your date of birth:

You are an intuitive race that loves science, and you make great caregivers, architects, designers, inventors, consultants, doctors, nurses.

If the twenty-third day is your date of birth

They are able to solve problems and have analytical skills. They are great politicians, negotiators, accountants, judges, judges, accountants, mediators, diplomats and other communications-related issues.

If the twenty-fourth day is your date of birth:

You are a caring, compassionate, intuitive, business-minded person and you train excellent therapists, naturopaths, natural healers, artists, mediators, consultants, psychologists, lawyers.

If the twenty-fifth day is your date of birth:

You are a spiritual people with a great spirit and you train excellent counselors, consultants, investigators, scientists, researchers, healers.

If the twenty-sixth day is your date of birth:

They are very organized and hard-working people who are excellent managers, politicians, careers in the field of healing, supervisors, real estate moguls and business leaders. They are also good entrepreneurs.

If the twenty-seventh day is your date of birth:

You are an eccentric and very intelligent person who is a great veterinarian, a doctor, a telecommunications expert, a scientist, a teacher, a mentor and a good humanitarian.

If the twenty-eighth day is your date of birth:

They are expressive and creative people who make excellent travel agencies, broadcasters, debaters and sellers who also love animals.

If the twenty-ninth day is your date of birth:

This is a complicated type of people who are often misunderstood, and you train very good coaches, counselors, caregivers, physiotherapists, doctors, doctors, nurses.

If the thirtieth day is your date of birth:

You are a kind of person who needs freedom if you want to succeed in your career and who is an excellent radio station, inventor, gardener, landscaper, animator, athlete, decorator, writer and cook.

If the thirty-first day is your date of birth:

You are very specific people who have no problem of concentration and you are great superiors, teachers, researchers, scientists, entrepreneurs, leaders, executives and you are good at jobs that must work from your hands.