Eggplant With Lemon, An Extremely Powerful Weapon Against Excess Weight!

Lose weight is something that many people are present in their day to day since it is a goal that they want to reach, however, this process is not as simple as we all think but requires great effort and dedication.

To lose weight we need a very punctual diet and constant exercise, we must do this with consistency and without going out of the plan, it is very easy to break the routine and gain more weight, but reduce it is not achieved overnight.

Who wants to lose weight should be clear that requires a minimum of three months to see clear and notorious results because there is a miraculous method that makes us lose weight in less time.

This homemade preparation can help you lose weight effectively

However, there are cases where people require a little push to lose weight, because, for more consistency and discipline that they put into their routine, they can not manage to feel a positive change in their body.

This is mainly because the metabolism of the person is very slow and therefore what is recommended for these cases is to use an additional treatment to stimulate the body and thus it can lose weight.

That is why here we will indicate a home treatment for you to help you lose weight, to prepare it you just have to follow the following recipe:


-A medium eggplant (organic)

-Half a lemon

-One liter of water

-A glass jug

Preparation and use:

The first thing you should do is wash the eggplant and cut it into slices, do not remove the skin from it, then place the slices inside the jar and add the water, squeeze the lemon and mix, this should be left to rest all night in the fridge.

This eggplant water you should drink all day, starting with a glass on an empty stomach and the last before sleeping, in this way you will stimulate your body.

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