According to Science, the Intelligence Eventually Comes From Mothers, Not From Fathers

The content in this article might get few surprising reactions from dads; however the recent genetic studies have shown that the intelligence, in fact, is inherited from the X chromosome found in females.

Thousands of genes create this chromosome, and a large amount of these genes affect perception. Up until now, the general belief for the intelligence inheritance was that it is from both of the parents. But this science research had proven it wrong in very accurate, yet questionable way.

Number of studies proved that genetics is probably the most complex and hardest field for them to explore, observe and research. Due to the subject’s hard division, the best way to approach it is behind an objective perspective. In spite of this, it is very important and definitely more useful to explain the functions of X and Y chromosome, along with their functions.

Nucleic acids and protein are the structure that of one chromosome. Their general function is to store and to transfer the information of generic character. Each cell of the body of every human contains a pair of the chromosome. The female body has two X chromosomes; in contrary the male body has one X and one Y chromosome.

Human’s posses which are genetic features of each gender-specific genes, depend on a certain selection, and in the end they affect the characteristics of the human. These genes can be activated and/or deactivated. The ones that are activated affect the genetic environment; in contrary, the ones that are deactivated don’t have affection on the environment. This gives an explanation in which, if a single feature is being activated through the mother, those genes from the father are immediately deactivated.

The gene’s structure is creating the core of the intelligence research. The cognitive abilities are more likely to be affected by women, since they have two X chromosomes. But there are few things more to be added up to this.

They are the gender-specific genes that have the most influence. Studies have shown that intelligence in fact, is a gender-specific gene which eventually comes from the mother. Genetically-modified mouse was used so as this theory will be proven. They acknowledged that those subjects that were ‘infected’ with maternal genetic chromosomes, created a much larger brain in comparison the their body, which was very small.

The other part of the process in which paternal genetic materials were implemented in the process, the subjects created really small brain and a huge body.

Even though all this might sound strange and very new research, this theory is not as new as it sounds. In fact, in 1984, the Cambridge University made an examination which later led to a conclusion in which maternal genes were considered as more material. In other Scottish study, 12.686 people were monitored in the intelligence genes, and produced result in which the IQ of the mother was shown as the biggest indicator of intelligence.

Strangely, these theories were totally refused and scientists stopped researching in that field. But after all, mothers do have huge influence in the child’s behavior and intellectual development through their nurture and nutrition.

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